Volvo prosis offline part & repair [01.2018]

PROSIS Offline 2019 release 4

PROSIS NT offline the latest available standalone version.  

Prerequisites and requirements
 Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
 Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 Framework (will be installed if not present)
 Minimum 80 GB free hard drive space
 Local Administrator privileges on the target computer
 Disable network connection during the installation
 USB port (Not needed for downloaded PROSIS Offline)
 Oracle Database 11g Express Edition (will be installed if not present)
In order to achieve satisfactory performance, we recommend that you have at least
8GB of internal memory and preferably a fast hard drive as an SSD.
Regarding administrator privileges on the target computer, it is very important that you install as a local administrator and not as a domain administrator.
It is also strongly advised NOT to uninstall Oracle XE 11 if you already have a working older PROSIS installation. Important! To secure that the installation will be correctly performed you shall also
disable the network connection during the installation. Turn off Wi-Fi and unplug
the network cable

The most common installation problem:
A corrupt Oracle XE installation is in many cases the root problem when the PROSIS
installation fails. No connection to the network and local admin rights are the most
important things to succeed with the Oracle installation.
6.1. Problem: Database connectivity error — «Unable to connect to the Oracle
The installation is showing no problem, all components are marked as “DONE” and
installation successful. When you start to import data you get the error message
«Unable to connect to the Oracle database!»Resolution:
Close PROSIS Importer
Uninstall PROSIS Installer
Uninstall Oracle XE
Delete folder C:\OracleXE
Reboot the computer
Turn off Wi-Fi and pull out the network cable
Install Prosis OfflineNote: The key is to turn off the connection to the network

Data in this release es extracted 2019-11-16

Added model/component variants in this release:

— PT2136 PID: 22715
— P2870D
— AWB40C PID: 56054
— AWB15 PID: 56088
— AWB15 PID: 56089
— D2.6M PID: 56141
— D3.3M
— D8F
— D8K

What’s New in the update version of the 2019 year?

Prosis NT offline 2019 (release 1)
Added model/component variants in this release:
EC200E L

Very important information:
We recommend installing this program on a computer that supports a 64-bit version of Windows with 6 GB and more free RAM.

This program can be installed on a computer with 4 GB of RAM, but there may be interruptions due to a lack of RAM.

What’s New in the update version the 2018 year?

Program Volvo Prosis contains information on repair and spare parts catalog for construction equipment Volvo.

Parts catalog for Volvo CE (Construction Equipment) PROSIS contains a list of parts and accessories for all construction machinery Volvo: wheel loaders, compact loaders, crawler excavators, wheeled excavators, compact excavators, backhoe loaders, motor graders, articulated haulers, and more.

In the catalog, you will find detailed repair manuals Volvo, electrical and hydraulic diagrams, special instructions for all models of equipment guidelines for the management and maintenance, engine specifications, test results of all the equipment, the moments of puffs, filling volumes, and a catalog of special tools.
The parts catalog contains catalogs of details of almost all products Volvo Construction Equipment.

Catalog of spare parts Volvo construction equipment is delivered on 6 DVDs. Full installation directory entirely on the HDD or the DVDs. You can also use the service «DOWNLOAD,» and download as a single file.

The search for spare parts can be made in several ways: by factory replacement parts or serial code number. Each part is accompanied by a detailed description of the installation site with the image in order to avoid confusion or mistakes. In addition, the program Volvo Prosis gives a detailed description of the details, including the size and specification.

Service information includes the following function groups:
All function groups
(a) Training documents

PROSIS Offline 2019 release 3

PROSIS NT offline.  Important Notice. The application requires at least 6 Gb RAM installed.

Data in this release es extracted 2019-08-13

Added model/component variants in this release:

— AHW56 PID: 56135
— AHW56 PID: 56136
— AHW56 PID: 56137
— AHW64 PID: 56139
— AHW64 PID: 56140
— AHW64 PID: 56141
— PT2529
— VB40

Only genuine parts are included in our parts catalogs. They have undergone necessary function and service life testing, they also meet Volvo Construction Equipment high quality and safety standards.

For proper operation, quality repairs, and timely maintenance of Volvo equipment, we recommend purchasing this offline Prosis publication with updated information.

Прошивка клонирование блоков Volvo

Клонирование блока CEM Volvo

– Привязка б.у. центрального электронного модуля Volvo S60 S80 XC70 XC90 V70 к вашему автомобилю (CEM VOLVO P2).

– Привязка б.у. центрального электронного модуля Volvo C30 S40 V50 (CEM VOLVO P1).
Прошиваем блоки с номерами 8690719 8690720 8690721 8690722 30728906 30765015 31254317
31254903 31254749 31268178 31327215 и т.д. Стоимость клонирования блока CEM 8000 рублей.

– Привязка б.у. центрального электронного модуля Volvo S60-II S80-II XC60 XC70-II XC70-III V60 V70-II V70-III (CEM VOLVO P3).
Прошиваем блоки с CEM номерами 30765624 30765877 30786819 30786820 31254838 31314116 31314867 31327994 31343677 31412971 и т.д.
Стоимость клонирования блока CEM 8000 рублей.

– Привязка б.у. центрального электронного модуля Volvo S60-III S90-II XC60-II XC90-II V60-II V90 (CEM VOLVO SPA).
Прошиваем блоки с CEM номерами 31433767 31453070 31472789 31665478 32217335 32217666 32233584 32233588
32233798 32254021 и т.д. Стоимость клонирования блока CEM 15000 рублей.

Клонирование блока ЭБУ ECM Volvo

Прошивка б.у. блока управлением двигателя Volvo C30 S40 S60 S80 XC40 XC70 XC90 V50 V70 к вашему автомобилю (ECM VOLVO).
Клонируем блоки BOSCH и DENSO. Стоимость привязки блока ECM: платформа P1 / P2 5500 рублей, платформа P3 7500 рублей,
платформа SPA / CMA 15000 рублей.

Клонирование блока ЭГУР EPS Volvo

Привязка б.у. блока ЭГУР (электронный гидроусилитель руля) Volvo S60 S80 XC60 XC70 V60 V70 (EPS VOLVO P3).
Стоимость клонирования модуля EPS 4000 рублей. Если блок не выходит на диагностику, то стоимость прошивки составит 6000 рублей.

Клонирование приборной панели DIM Volvo

Прошивка б.у. панели приборов Volvo S60 S80 XC70 XC90 V60 V70 к вашему автомобилю (DIM VOLVO).
Стоимость клонирования щитка приборов 4000 рублей. Дополнительно можно сделать русификацию приборной панели.

Клонирование блока SRS Airbag Volvo

Прошивка блока SRS Volvo C30 C70 S60 S80 XC60 XC70 XC90 V70 к вашему автомобилю (SRS VOLVO).
Привязываем б.у. блоки SRS Airbag Bosch, Continental, Temic на процессоре Motorola, CR16.
Стоимость клонирования блока SRS 4000 рублей.

Клонирование и привязка других модулей Volvo

Стоимость привязки снятого блока 4000 рублей.
— Прошивка модуля климат контроля Вольво (CCM VOLVO P2, P3)
— Прошивка дверного модуля Вольво (DDM PDM VOLVO P3)
— Прошивка блока фар Вольво (HCM VOLVO P3)
— Прошивка модуля телефона Вольво (PHM VOLVO P2)
— Прошивка модуля салонного зеркала Вольво (UEM VOLVO P2)

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